Candice Pulliam - Owner, Principal Consultant. Candice offers 30 years of service experience in the art industry. Providing professional and personal attention to achieve your vision, she has carefully cultivated a group of elite art associates to provide the highest level of quality.

Our Story

In 1985, Candice owned and operated a company called Colorado Art Services providing hand-crafted, custom gold leaf frames for professional artists and top galleries. The company also provided quality frame restoration for the Denver Art Museum. She soon became involved with Denver’s co-op scene of the late 1980’s and later served as director of a major downtown gallery for 11 years.

Candice launched the Art Services Company in 2001 to provide people with assistance in acquiring, placing, installing and managing their art. Working with both commercial and residential clients, she is now one of Denver’s leading art consultants specializing in proper framing, lighting and inventory development and maintenance.


Candice utilizes decades of deep ties to the Colorado art community to keep Art Services Company at the forefront of the industry. She works endlessly to support local and regional artists and galleries.